Top Attributes of a Reputable Cash for Copper Dealer

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Collecting scrap copper metal and selling it to dealers is an excellent way of making extra cash. Besides making money, the practice helps keep waste copper metal away from landfills. There are numerous scrap copper dealers in the country, but this does not mean you should sell your load to the first merchant you come across. Instead, it is essential to exercise due diligence to determine the best dealer to work with to maximise your returns. This article highlights the top attributes to look for in a cash for copper dealer. Read on for insight.

Well-Calibrated Weighing Scale -- The first thing that happens when you present a pile of waste copper to a dealer is that they will weigh it. Dealers must use an appropriately calibrated scale because inaccuracies can lead to losses. This is the reason why weighing scales must be well maintained. While reputable scrap metal dealers always use well-calibrated weighing scales, you should not make any assumptions. Therefore, always weigh your pile of scrap copper independently with a well-calibrated scale. The readings from your scale and the dealer's scale should match if both devices are calibrated according to industry standards.

Proof of Second-Hand Dealership -- In the past, scrap metal dealers were required to hold a single license to run their operations. However, that is no longer the case since dealers are required to have a second-hand dealer license to buy scrap copper from collectors. The reason is that most scrap metals are retrieved from equipment and appliances that have reached their end-of-service life. Thus, dealers can only accept scrap copper from such sources as second-hand. Most importantly, a second-hand license legitimises a dealer's operations and guarantees that they only buy scrap metal from genuine sources.

Accepts Different Copper Grades -- Waste copper comes in various grades, which determine how much money a collector gets from a dealer. For instance, millberry (bright and shiny) is the purest form of copper. It is commonly found in insulated wires and cables. Notably, millberry copper attracts the highest value when sold to a dealer. On the other hand, non-solid copper, including copper chips and turnings, is the least valuable and fetches the least amount of money. Therefore, the best way to maximise waste copper returns is to choose a dealer who accepts different grades of waste copper. This helps collectors save costs they would have incurred in selling different copper grades to various dealers.