Thinking About Recycling? Here Are the Commonly Recycled Scrap Metal Types

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One of the best ways to promote a sustainable environment is through recycling. You can recycle most of the metal that you use in the home and also in commercial spaces. However, you need to understand the different classifications that the metals fall into if you want an easy time recycling. Here are some commonly recycled metals and why you should also think about recycling them. 

Recycling Ferrous Metal

Ferrous metals are the most commonly manufactured and used metals in the home. You can tell ferrous metals apart from non-ferrous because the former are magnetic. Generally, anything that contains iron and steel is ferrous. Some of the household appliances with ferrous metal are refrigerators, ovens and cast iron skillets. Cars also contain many ferrous parts. The main weakness with these appliances is that ferrous metals have a high carbon content. The carbon content makes the metal rust faster, and unless recycled, it could become useless. 

Recycling Non-Ferrous Metals

Non-ferrous metals are different from metals that contain iron. They do not have magnetism and contain little to no carbon. As a result, they do not rust and corrode fast. The metals are used for construction because they can withstand harsh external weather without getting damaged. You will find non-ferrous metals in gutters, roofing materials and plumbing pipes. People prefer them for these applications because the house comes into contact with moisture throughout the year. If the metallic parts are prone to rusting, you might have to keep removing and replacing them. However, non-ferrous metals also need recycling since they are hard to damage. You can collect and have them made into new items. Recycling them lowers the need to mine new ore, which is a win for the environment. 

Recycling the Specific Metals

The general classification helps determine what will happen when you do not recycle. However, some specific metals need their specific recycling processes. For example, aluminium is typical in soda cans, screen door frames and storm windows. As such, you can recycle it when you take a soda or run a demolition project. You can also find brass in doorknobs, crockery and old bed frames. Copper is a favourite in the recycling community. You can find it in kitchen sinks and pots and also electrical wiring.

Most of the metallic components of your home are recyclable. However, you need to know which parts are popular and the people that deal with them. With the right knowledge, you can stop careless dumping and recycle for the sake of the environment. For more information regarding scrap metal, contact a recycling company.